Your company's homepage.


Pack is your company's homepage. This is the only page your people need to bookmark to use all the tools your company is using. Extremely minimal. Loads super fast. And, it just works like the way you would expect.


Share important links to docs, policies and so much more that beautifully shows up in your team's Pack Page. The links you update, shows up in real-time and your team gets notified about that as well.


If someone from your team needs access to a specific tool, they get to send you (the admin) a request to access that tool. You track who requested what, and know when to update their access.


ADMIN As an Admin, you get to see the amount of money your company is spending on these products every month. See the trends, and optimize your cost. All in one simple view.



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Is there a free trial?

Yes. You get to try Pack for 7 days. Post which, it is just $5 per month.

Are there any limits?

Nothing at all. For $5, you get every feature we have now, and everything that is coming up.

Where can I request features?

We have a feature request board that you can use to request features. Access it at Pack on hellonext.

How cost prediction works?

When adding an app to your Pack, you enter the amount you are paying. The rest is magic.

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